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Our newsletter, YTL Landmarks, serves to share property development updates and activities by YTL Land & Development Berhad with our community of property purchasers and investors. We feature our construction activities, upcoming projects, top stories of interest, alongside interesting opportunities to help potential purchasers make their investment decisions.  It is our pleasure to feature the current issues of YTL Landmarks for your reading pleasure. Please feel free to email us for further clarification on any topic or property highlighted in our newsletter. We will be more than happy and ready to serve you.
18 May 2022

What is excellence? For us at YTL Land, it is a goal that sets no boundaries, because we see excellence as a constant journey of reaching unprecedented heights. There is no “finish-line”, just an infinite series of redefined benchmarks that persistently enhances our quality of life through inspired spaces and enriches our lifestyle experience via uniquely designed environments. Ultimately, the truest measure of excellence will always be you, and the rewarding experience you enjoy in the exceptional spaces that we create. And on that front, we truly want you to experience nothing less than a masterpiece. More than anything, you are what drives us to pursue excellence in the first place.

07 February 2022

Beyond form, function and the creation of aesthetic space, we believe that each building design must also have a strong sense of purpose to offer meaning to its users. It is our desire to positively impact lives with our contributions to the landscape that drives our building ideas and designs to complement the built environment. Now, with inclusion of Tiffin At The Yard, there is not only a new F&B attraction on site that will draw foodies from far and wide, but also a new social nucleus that motivates the community to regularly meet and mingle. This fits well with our vision for Sentul Depot and the role it will play in serving the rapidly evolving Sentul community: a place that puts your neighbourhood on the map, where people come together, and where connected spaces create an experience. Reminiscent of its rustic origins, the depot offers a shared sense of purpose, yet still feels very much like home.

13 October 2021

In YTL Land’s pursuit of ideal living ecosystems, we have always challenged the notion of limiting greenery in the urban context. We understand the inherent human desire to be close to greenery, the positive impact nature has on our physical and mental wellbeing, and the power it has to elevate our living experience. The future will only see YTL Land stepping up our efforts in this direction, and we cannot wait to share with you exciting new projects in the pipeline that will fulfill our promise of more to come.

02 June 2021

Our vision for Sentul East and Sentul West has never been to reinvent the landscape, but instead to revive, re-energise and revitalise it. YTL Land is not remaking Sentul, it is facilitating the rediscovery of its rich history and heritage by refreshing its appeal, enhancing its value and enriching the lifestyle of all who call it home.

12 January 2021

Life is essentially a journey; the sum of experiences, lessons and stories that shape who we are. By this measure, nothing impacts life’s experiences more than our choice of a home. It is where we interact with loved ones, build memories, imagine the future and spend time with our true selves. A YTL Land home is a sanctuary you desire within the pulse, energy and excitement of urban life you simply can’t live without. After all, if life is a journey, then shouldn’t we experience the best of everything along the way?

15 July 2020

At YTL Land, our philosophy has always been centred on the growth, enrichment and prosperity of communities. In achieving this, we are conscious of the fact that such goals are only truly achieved when they are built on a foundation of credibility, reliability and a genuine desire to enhance lives. As the world is poised for change in the post-pandemic era, our brand promise remains constant and more relevant than ever: to deliver quality, innovative and thoughtfully-designed properties to shelter and nurture loved ones for generations. 

01 January 2020

Innovation is a common and indispensable thread that runs through the entire portfolio of YTL Land’s properties. It represents our desire to create unique properties that push the boundaries of convention and fulfill our commitment to enhance values through elevated living environments. But even as we move forward with dynamic ideas, our conscious approach to design stays true to the invariable desire of home seekers to live in spacious comfort, with peace of mind and within conducive lush environments. For us, innovation brings meaningful change only when it is guided by a strong sense of purpose.

01 September 2019

YTL Land firmly believes in the healing powers of nature. So much so, it is the hallmark of every property we create to be distinguished by lush greenery. Too often we forget the importance of sacred spaces; of the simple pleasure in immersing oneself in nothing more than stillness and nature all in its raw, glorious form. Wherever our design inspiration leads us, the one constant you can depend on is that there is always a place for you to feel at one with Mother Nature at a YTL Land home.

05 August 2019

YTL Land’s desire to enhance our landscape with “masterpieces” is driven by a deeper understanding of the word, one that transcends aesthetics. We believe that a true masterpiece holds timeless appeal, because beyond its beauty, it is courageous, intellectual, innovative and emotive. It skillfully draws your attention because it provokes thought, emboldens your imagination, connects with your emotions, inspires conversation and elevates your aspirations. These characteristics provide a true measure of exemplary creations, but how do we seamlessly infuse these elements into spaces that are conducive to living, working and playing? Read on to find out more.

01 August 2017
From time immemorial, the serenity of nature has had many under its awe-inspiring spell. In Leo Tolstoy’s exact words: One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between Man and Nature shall not be broken. In this issue, we explore further the relationship between architecture and nature, community and law (and order), community and infrastructure. How does nature get into the way of design and architecture? And how would rules and infrastructure improve the quality of life for communities? Read on, and enjoy.
01 January 2015

In an industry where individuality hinges on architectural excellence, innovation is being creative as well as original. Responding to a young generation who shares an enthusiasm for innovative architecture, developers are stepping out of the box with exciting experiences. Grove at Lake Fields, Sungai Besi was completed in mid 2014, followed by The Capers at Sentul East in end 2014. Both developments offer a choice of aspirational lifestyles demanded by today's market. While some yearn for space and spacious homes, others are drawn to efficiency of space in modern urban spaces. 

01 January 2014

We closed what had been a year of contrasts for the property market in Malaysia - which endured a pre-election period of investor caution and rebounded in the second half when confidence returned. Having survived a challenging year that was, and with 2014 being again time for regulatory adjustments within the industry, will the momentum of 2013's better (second) half transition into the new year? That's the million dollar question.

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