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Purposefully-built to house the world's finest engineering minds over a century ago, now set to inspire future-thinkers and dreamers.
Exposed brick, large windows beaming in natural light and metal beams that hark back to its industrial past. Set in a pristine and lush, sprawling private park in the heart of KL.
Take in breathtaking views of the lush, serene park in all directions.
Be pleasantly surprised by how it manages to feel at once big and small, industrial and soft, communal and personal.
When you need a break, choose from a host of stimulating spaces to relax, to rejuvenate.
Year: 2021
Type: Commercial
Location: Sentul, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Formerly a British railway headquarters, Sentul Works will gradually be transformed into an extensive commercial complex for the next generation – featuring respectful co-existence of smart-size workplace, business hubs, co-working space, event galleries, etc. complemented by vibrant hospitality outlets. Occupying a grand colonial structure that once housed the railway offices, Sentul Works will soon contribute to this great heritage by providing a destination for the appreciation of a heritage designated work and play environment.  Its immediate park setting offers the chance to create a new work space concept that is uniquely porous to its surroundings, and brings the idea of nature into the very heart of the building.  The placement of work spaces in a lush natural context is the fundamental driver of the design.  Unlike conventional urban offices, Sentul Works will allow for a gradated discovery of the building in its context, inverting the relationship between interior and exterior.  Despite Malaysia’s hot and humid climate, the atmosphere within the building will be pleasant; the sun tempered through extensive shading, covered walkways, and cooled spaces. 

The design for Sentul Works creates a voyage through the heritage building that ends with clean interventions of spaces repurposed for work and play. Linear circulation through all three floors reveals the existing layers as a single sequence, curating the history of the building itself.  The existing brick walls are contrasted with modern interventions, allowing a full appreciation of the building’s many layers of history.  Within the building, large openings provide natural light to enhance workplace performance. Carefully positioned windows and expansive terraces provide many levels of engagement with the outside, framing views of trees and the surrounding landscape.  In addition, double height spaces are carved throughout the building, creating three-dimensional views onto the existing structure.    

Moments along the voyage that tenants and visitors can experience are paid the most attention and finesse.  Guardrails, windows, paving, and lighting are all given a special richness of detail that contrasts with the more abstract textures of the spaces within.  The experience of moving through the building, from inside to out and back again, is accentuated with the use of natural materials that emphasize the tropical setting of the building.  The canopy of the trees finds its equivalent in the fine metal detailing of the bridges, tempering the strong tropical sun.  

Sentul Works would potentially accommodate businesses seeking a major presence in a contemporary unique environment in KL city that is responsive to new work force focused on flexibility, creativity, technology and collaboration. This is a game-changer and transformation is taking place soon.


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