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An awe-inspiring view of the waterfront promenade from your Promenade home.
An unrivalled waterfront lifestyle of leisure and relaxation.
Year: 2006
Type: Residential (Terrace Homes)
Location: Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

Imagine waking up every day to be greeted by a shimmering expanse of water. Are you on vacation? Perhaps, perhaps not, but why wait for a holiday when daily life at Lake Edge’s Promenade Homes consistently feels like one? Generously designed, with more than ample space for two and still enough room to accommodate a growing family, each Promenade Home is designed to let in all the beauty of living by the water’s edge without having to leave your doorstep. Ground floor entrances open up to a courtyard-flanked foyer while dining becomes positively tranquil, set next to an outdoor terrace and landscaped garden. Homes are also thoughtfully designed to take full advantage of the development’s prime waterfront location. Floor to ceiling glass windows ensure the tranquil beauty of the lake is just a glance away while the living room is purposefully set on the first floor to make each moment with your loved ones breathtakingly beautiful. Days off also mean that a bike ride or leisurely stroll right on the promenade is but a hop and a skip away from home. Or if you simply desire to spend the weekend curled up in bed, just know that you can do so while still enjoying unrivalled water views from the privacy of your bedroom. Life might not always be a beach but, here at Lake Edge, Puchong the allure of the lake more than makes up for it.

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